Private Chef, Personal Chef, Sommelier

Simply Duccio, the cuisine craftsman

Twenty years of experience accumulated in the kitchens of traditional restaurants, many adorned with Michelin stars – from great luxury hotels to the world of catering. I’ve been ploughing my own furrow for 9 years now, during which time I have been responsible for the food at a plethora of successful events, where my cooking has been ecstatically received.

Thanks to my curiosity, the constant honing of my skills (learning both from the great chefs who have gone down in history and from vintage recipe books), mastering new techniques without ever forgetting my Tuscan roots, adding a sprinkle of spontaneity, respecting tradition while throwing in a dash of intuition… I succeed in coming up with recipes that are certainly new but that also bring back moments from the past, generating sensations and evoking memories.


Today I have achieved a real sense of freedom in the kitchen, thanks to the trips I have undertaken to search out the very best – a journey scattered with spices and aromatic herbs, encompassing the sea, the mountains and all points in between.
I have gained the trust of those who have allowed themselves to be guided by my advice and my interpretations. They have given me their “house keys” and I have given them the pleasure of receiving, and the authentic taste of hospitality.

My “sartorial cuisine” has what it takes to satisfy all comers, for a gourmet evening, for events and ceremonies, for sharing a bottle with friends – for any occasion, in other words.